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Every photo has a theme. Each tip will correspond to the theme of the photos above. We will cover: The Experience, Lifestyle Sessions, School Photos, When to Book, and The just in case bag to bring to your session.

the experience:

Do it right, and you will want to do it again.

The best thing I heard from a client was, her kids told her that they had so much fun during their session that they wanted to do again next week!

Before Booking, Ask yourself:

  • Do I connect with this persons personality?
  • Does my photographer have a solid portfolio?
  • Am I excited and looking forward to the session?
  • Do I know what I am paying for and what I am getting

Lifestyle Session:

Its not about how clean the house looks. Its about the memories you make in it. A great time to schedule a lifestyle session is when it gets too cold outside and all you wanna do is stay indoors. Be yourself and do your thing. Let the photographer you hired capture the raw, authentic moments, that will turn to memories and last forever.

School Photos:

You want them feeling their best, so that they'll look their best.

  • It's helpful to prepare your child for the change in routine. Let them know what to expect.
  • Don't be nervous if your kids are camera shy. Get them used to being in front of the camera by snapping some photos of them a few days before.
  • When it comes to choosing outfits, let your little ones help choose what they want to wear. When kids are comfortable in what they are wearing, they will be more focused on smiling vs. fixing an itchy sweater.
  • The best time to schedule haircuts for school photos is about 2-3 weeks before hand. If its last minute, make sure that its at least three days before the scheduled picture day.
  • If there is something you are specific about, send a note to the photographer and let them know.

Most importantly, take a deep breath and enjoy the process because you got this! and so does your little one.

BEst Time to book:

Scheduling the session the day before can prove to be very overwhelming. Make sure you give yourself enough time to put together everything you need, in a calm and relaxed manner. The goal is to be as stress free as possible.

BONUS TIP: Make sure the timing works for everyone. Is your spouse home from work that day? Will it be too close to meal time or nap time? Its best to make sure that everyone needs are met before the session.

The Just in case bag for your PHOTOSHOOT:

If your like me, and have a Marry Poppins bag with all this stuff in it, then you are ahead of the game. If you prefer to carry light, make sure you grab these things before you head out for your photoshoot.

Just in case:
  • Outfit changes - Just in case someone spits up or gets dirty.
  • Lint roller or static guard
  • Extra hair accessories - Bobby Pins, Hair Ties
  • Chapstick/Lipstick - Just in case you need to reapply.
  • Drinks/Snacks - So no one gets hangry.

Thank you for taking the time to read through these tips. I hope you found it helpful and it comes to good use. If you got some more free time, and would like to continue reading, there are some great blogposts somewhere down there, or just click the button.