School Photos

School pictures should be something that everyone looks forward to, the parents, the school and the children. I believe that picture day should be an easy going, stress free and personal process.

I like to meet with the school administrators before to get a clear understanding of what the parent body is looking for. Then meet the children, so they feel comfortable seeing a familiar face behind the camera on the day of.

My specialty is taking the photos outdoors allowing the children to feel comfortable in their element. I like to think of it as their own personal mini photo-session. The system I have created takes the stress off the school and gives the parents the freedom and ease of selecting and receiving the package of their choice.

How it works:

• The school sends out a flier with all the package information.

• The parents Fill out their desired package and payment information.

• A date for picture day is selected and parents are notified.

• Picture Day

• The pictures get organized and edited ( Aprox 2/3 weeks)

• Personal Galleries are sent to the parents’ emails

• Parents select the photos they adore and checkout the ones they would like to send to print

• The pictures are sent to the Printing Lab

• The prints are delivered to You R Photo Headquarters

• The Photos are delivered to the school with the You R Photo touch.

Its that simple. No more feeling like you threw money into the garbage because no one fixed your child’s collar or showed them how to smile nicely. Feel confident in the money you’re investing, the You R Photo way.

If you are a school administrator or know of a school that would be interested feel free to reach out to discuss details