The face behind the camera

Hi there, I am Yita, let me take you back to the beginning of my photography journey.

At the age of five, I would sit in my Grandmothers living-room and slowly look through every picture album. When I turned twelve begged my parents to buy me a camera of my own. I proved myself responsible and was gifted my first point and shoot. As every newbie does, I ran around taking pictures of literally everything. At eighteen I was generously gifted my first real professional camera. I was eager to express my creativity so I enlisted my siblings to be my models. When the weather was nice I would go on photo-walks with my fellow photography enthusiast. I loved bringing my camera with me everywhere I went.

It wasn't long before a family friend realized my potential and requested a family session. With their trust and confidence, they gave me the push I needed to pursue my photography career. Bringing us to the present day.

I can assure you that throughout the process you will feel relaxed and taken care of. I look forward to servicing your needs in a patient and easygoing manner.